Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HUD Money Comes to The Commonwealth

More than 21 million federal dollars will be helping Pennsylvania’s low-income seniors and people with mental and developmental disabilities get housing.

The money will come from The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD. It’ll help non-profit developers produce accessible housing to the low-income elderly and people with disabilities, groups who typically have difficulty securing affordable housing.

The money will be split up among facilities in Philadelphia, Verona, Erie, New Kensington and Beaver Falls.

Jeffrey Huber is the CEO of Supportive Services in Beaver Falls. His organization is getting over a million dollars to rehabilitate an existing building into permanent housing for nine low-income people with chronic mental illness.
"A lot of the people that we serve if it weren’t for the HUD programs that we’re involved with they wouldn’t have a place to call home."

Maria Bynum, who works for HUD says more than providing a place to live, this money will also help provide a sense of self.

"For someone whose on a limited income its important to be able to afford a place where you can age with grace and dignity and be proud of where you live," she said.

HUD is also funding projects in 45 other states.

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