Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Plans For A Supermarket for the Hill District

After years of waiting and failed attempts, Pittsburgh's Hill District community will be getting a full service grocery store. Jeff Ross, who owns four Shop 'n Save supermarkets, 2 in McKeesport, 1 in Connellsville and 1 in Mount Pleasant plans to open a Shop 'n Save across from the Hill House on Centre Avenue. Elected officials and community leaders are making the announcement at this time.
Carl Redwood, convener of the Hill District Consensus Group saluted the announcement....“Residents of the Hill District fought long and hard for the CBA (Community Benefits Agreement) in order to see development just like this. An operator committed to hiring from the community and providing union jobs means that the store will be an economic anchor for residents as well as a critical source of fresh food.”

The announcement comes about 8 months after Kuhn's canceled its plans to build a supermarket at the same site.

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