Thursday, July 15, 2010

Route 28 will get worse before it gets better

A project that will make changes to Route 28 between Millvale and the city of Pittsburgh will start next month and will not be completed until 2014.

For most of the time, outbound traffic will be one lane, with two lanes kept open inbound.

When its over, traffic will flow through new interchanges at the 31st and 40th street bridges, with no traffic signals on the highway mainline. The inbound and outbound sides will be separated by barriers and not yellow lines in an effort to cut down on head on collisions.

The 31st Street Bridge and Rialto Street will be closed for nearly three years.

The presentation from the public meeting for the Route 28 East Ohio Street Improvement Project including renderings of the completed project and the tentative schedule is now available. Click here to download

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