Monday, October 25, 2010

Final Campaign Finance Report Released

In the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, Republican Tom Corbett outraised and outspent Democratic opponent Dan Onorato over the past month. Corbett raised $6.2 million and spent $8.6 million, while Onorato took in $3.5 million, and spent $4.6. The Republican spent about $7 million on television ads, compared to Onorato's $4 million in TV purchases. Once again, Onorato's biggest contributors were unions - the AFL-CIO gave $160,000 to his campaign. The Democrat also received $50,000 from Governor Rendell's campaign fund, as well as several individual contributions from members of the Rendell administration and Onorato $20,000 from House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dwight Evans. On the other side, the billionaire chair of Chief Oil and Gas gave $50,000 to Corbett, and the vice president of Range Resources donated $10,000. Both of those companies drill in Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale natural gas formation. Among the well-known names giving money to the Onorato campaign was Al Boscov, the chairman of Boscov's department stores who gave $25,000. John Hess of the Hess Corporation donated the same amount to Corbett. The Republican Governors Association's $2.5 million contribution to Corbett's campaign dwarfed the $400,000 its Democratic counterpart gave to Onorato. The Democrat's campaign has about $2 million left in the bank, while Corbett has more than $5 million to spend.

The most interesting donor in either report? Elmer Fudd, who gave $100 to the Corbett campaign.

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