Monday, October 11, 2010

Port Authority Asks Riders for their Thoughts

The Allegheny County Port Authority is asking riders to complete a customer satisfaction survey, available via the web or phone. Anyone who takes part in the survey will receive a buy one get one value meal coupon sponsored by McDonalds. They’ll also be entered to be one of the three winners of an annual bus pass, worth $880.
Spokesperson Jim Ritchie says the $18,000 survey is funded solely by the authority, and is being conducted by a Pittsburgh research organization, Campos Inc. He says this will assure that the survey and results are handled with properly.
Ritchie says the many changes made to the Port Authority system is the reason for this survey.
He says these are changes that impact riders a great deal.
“We want to get an idea as to what riders think now that we’ve made some of these changes so that A, we can figure out where we stand and B, we can figure out what we might do differently going forward.”
Ritchie says the survey asks a number of questions in a number of different areas, such as asking riders if they use a monthly, weekly, daily, or park and ride pass. He says the questions will give the authority a very specific idea of who is using the system and what they think. He says the results will help the authority know what changes need to be made, as well as pinpoint problems that they may not be aware of. “We’ll know from the survey that we need to find a better way to communicate [information] to riders.”
To complete a survey, riders should text the word “rider” to 77007 to receive a pass code to the survey at Riders can also just go to the website or call 1-866-869-6119.

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