Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toomey, Sestak Agree on Little

The two candidates vying for Pennsylvania's open Senate seat faced off at a debate at the Constitution Center in downtown Philadelphia Wednesday night. The two did not agree on much, but each said the other belongs to the extreme fringe of his political party. Both sides lobbed accusations of extremism. Democrat Joe Sestak even took a shot at who Republican Pat Toomey has in his corner. "Look I know he won the very coveted award of the endorsement by Sarah Palin. And I understand the anger of the Tea Party. What I'm most concerned about are those extreme candidates that are taking advantage of the extreme fringe of the Tea Party," says Sestak. Toomey fired back, painting Sestak as an extreme liberal. He says, "It's very clear, the person who is the extreme candidate who is out of touch with Pennsylvania is Joe Sestak. Look at this agenda. He voted for all the bailouts and then introduced his own bill to create a new bailout." Toomey and Sestak also traded barbs on abortion, healthcare, and foreign policy. On the question of abortion, Pat Toomey says he wants to ban the practice unless it's a case of rape, incest or health of the mother. He says his views are in step with the majority of Pennsylvanians. "Joe Sestak is the one who is extreme on this issue. He is in that fringe of members, very liberal, who believe in tax payer funded abortions on demand, and no restrictions at all, well outside the mainstream of Pennsylvania." Joe Sestak responded by saying Toomey is extreme. "Palin, Toomey, O'Donnell they would all like to overturn Roe versus Wade. I believe that those life decisions of a family should be made within the family." Sestak said he never voted in favor of taxpayer-funded abortions. With less than two weeks left before election day, Sestak has come from behind in the polls.

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