Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Final Gubernatorial Debate Before Election

Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett made their closing arguments to Pennsylvania voters, during their third and final debate last night.
During his closing statement, Corbett told voters he’s the only candidate who will lower taxes and government spending.

"If you want four more years of increased spending, of taxes. If you want four more years of unemployment. If you want four more years of trying to be all things to all people – if you want four more years of Ed Rendell-like policies, then I would select my opponent."

Onorato, in turn, said he’s had more practical experience than Corbett, when it comes to growing the economy and working with the private sector. He continued to argue Corbett is a flip-flopper.

"I stood at the first debate, and I heard clear as day – Tom said he would help to pay back a three billion dollar debt to the federal government by putting a tax on the workers. At the last debate, he said he wouldn’t. Now I just find it ironic that the first debate was in front of a chamber audience. The second debate wasn’t. You can’t change your answer depending on what audience you’re talking to."

The Democrat is also vowing to shrink government spending and keep taxes level.
The majority of the debate focused on issues the two candidates have been arguing about for months.
A few new topics did come up, though.
On gay rights, Onorato said he’d support a measure banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Corbett said Pennsylvania has the laws it needs to fight anti-gay bias.

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