Sunday, October 17, 2010

Onorato and Corbett Debate in Home Town

Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett sparred on a wide range of subjects during a Saturday night debate in Pittsburgh.
Corbett said he opposes a tax on natural gas drilling, arguing a severance tax would be the worst thing you could possibly do for the industry.

"It’s clear that Dan is for taxes and I’m for jobs. I want to grow this industry. I believe it’s very important to the people of Pennsylvania – to the future generations of Pennsylvania – that they have jobs all across Pennsylvania. That this industry is going to grow."

Onorato disagreed.

"Tom, the reality is you took more money than any politician in Pennsylvania from the gas companies, and you’re doing your bidding. That’s what this is about. You going to have the taxpayers pay for the problems, or are you going to have the companies pay for the problems?"

Corbett said he doesn’t let contributions influence his actions

During a lightning round at the end of the debate, the Democrat and Republican both said they oppose legalizing medical marijuana and gay marriage.
Corbett said he’d support a constitutional ban on same-sex unions, but Onorato vowed to oppose a constitutional amendment on the issue.
Both candidates support a constitutional convention overhauling state government.

Listen to the entire debate here.

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