Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corbett Might Reduce Involvement in Legislative Corruption Probe

Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Corbett says he may step away from his ongoing legislative corruption investigation, as he prepares to take office in January.
Corbett has named eight people to a transition team. The list is mostly made up of longtime Republican insiders, and members of Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign.
Corbett won’t step down as Attorney General until just before the inauguration, and says he’ll keep working at his current job over the next few months.

"The day-to-day work of the Attorney General’s office that comes to my desk in the normal course will continue to come to my desk. I am going to sit down with my first deputy to talk about the status of the bonus investigation, and make a determination about my role with that, after the discussion."

A spokesman says Corbett may remove himself from the legislative corruption probe, due to the fact he’ll be working with lawmakers as Governor-elect.
The Attorney General’s office has filed charges against House Democrats and Republicans, and is now believed to be investigating the Senate Republican caucus.

During a transition press conference Corbett stayed away from making too many new policy announcements. The Republican did say he’d likely overturn Governor Rendell’s moratorium on leasing out more state forest land for natural gas drilling.

"I think it’s 500-thousand acres that are still available. That doesn’t mean all 500-thousand are going to be leased out at one time. Because I see this as something that’s going to go on for decades."

Corbett also named a two-person team charged with raising money for the January 18th inauguration.
The bulk of the event and surrounding celebrations will be privately funded, through individual and corporate contributions.

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