Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Senate Could Override Rendell Veto Of Education Bill

Governor Ed Rendell is facing the first veto override of his administration during his final months in office.
In October, Rendell vetoed a wide-ranging education bill because of language granting tax exemptions to groups and people who rent out space to charter schools.
The House overrode the veto Monday, and the Senate may do the same today.
Rendell is urging Senators to vote “no.”

"Again, not for any personal reasons, but because it’s wrong. It will increase property taxes for local taxpayers. They should have no doubt about that. When you raise your hand and vote to override this veto tomorrow, you are voting to increase local property taxes."

Senate Republican leaders had ruled out a lame duck session, but a spokesman says they hadn’t expected the House to successfully override the veto.
In other veto news, Rendell says he’s not sure whether or not he’ll sign a bill expanding the right to self defense with deadly force.
Rendell says he’s in favor of the existing “Castle Doctrine” – but doesn’t want to see people shooting others on public streets without first attempting to retreat.

"I think it would precipitate additional violence. And generally, I am against things that would precipitate or open the door to additional violence. We are far too violent as a society as it is. But I have to weigh all of the equities in making my decision."

The governor says he doesn’t like language in the bill, but he’s still weighing his options.

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