Friday, November 19, 2010

LCB Backs Down On Fee Hike...For Now

A week after Governor-elect Tom Corbett criticized an impending liquor fee increase, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is delaying the cost spike for six months.
The increase, approved earlier this year, would bump up the price of alcohol up anywhere from fifteen cents to a bit more than a dollar, depending on the size of a bottle.
Board CEO Joe Conti says Corbett’s comments played into the delay.

"I think that our board was respectful of the Governor-elect’s comments. Respectful of the public comments on this matter. So it was appropriate to take the opportunity here for the moratorium. And we look forward to a discussion with the General Assembly and with Governor Corbett early next year on these matters."

Corbett’s spokesman Kevin Harley, says the Republican “applauds” the move.

"Certainly one he becomes governor, he’ll do anything in his power to prevent that tax, or handling fee, or whatever creative name they want to call it, from becoming reality."

Conti and Kevin Harley say there wasn’t any direct communication between the LCB and Corbett’s staff.
Corbett and top Republican lawmakers say one of their priorities next year is privatizing state-owned liquor stores.

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