Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Self-Defense Bill Okayed

In a final vote of the 2009-10 legislative session, the Pennsylvania House approved the “Castle Doctrine” bill by a 161-35 vote.
The measure allows a person to use deadly force to defend him or herself without having to retreat.
As sponsor Scott Perry, a York County Republican, explains, the measure also closes loopholes in Megan’s Law statutes.

"This bill is about constitutional rights. Our right to life. Our right to defend our lives. This bill is also about letting us know when violent offenders that would prey on our children are close to us. And we have a right to know that, and we should know that."

Democrat Cherelle Parker argued against the “Castle Doctrine” bill.

This will change what happens in the street. Someone can claim self-defense if they shoot someone who looks at them the wrong way. By eliminating the duty to retreat you are encouraging someone to potentially take a life.

Governor Rendell hasn’t said whether he’ll sign or veto the “Castle Doctrine” measure.

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