Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pennsylvania Veteran Population in Decline

New research shows that the number of veterans in Pennsylvania have declined in past nine years. The Pennsylvania State Data Center came out with new information regarding veteran statistics in honor of this Veterans Day. According to Kevin McCullough, Manager of Data Services at the Data Center, the veteran population has decreased by 22.9%. McCullough says that nationally there has been a drop of around 17% and Allegheny County has seen a 30% decline.

McCullough says that the percentage of Pennsylvania adults who are veterans is lagging behind other states. "Our 10.1% ranks us 33rd among the states. It's above the national average of 9.5% but 33rd overall. We're behind several other states, the top three states are Alaska with 14.1%, Montana with 12.9%, and Maine with 12.7%."

Pennsylvania ranks 5th among states in terms of total veterans being home to 988,006 former service members. California leads the states followed by Florida, Texas and New York.

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