Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Air Survey to Help Businesses

The Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its partners has launched a survey to help shed light on which services Pittsburgh International needs to expand. The survey is aimed at improving routes that business people take from the city by asking local businesses about their flying preferences.
Ken Zapinski, Senior Vice President of the Conference, says robust air service is necessary to maintain Pittsburgh's ties to national and international markets. He says by understanding what air destinations are most important to businesses in the region, the Conference can know where to focus its efforts.

Zapinski says the survey is in its fourth year and has yielded a lot of information. "What's been interesting is that even with the cut backs in air service over the last 5 years, we still have non-stop service to the markets that account for about 75% of the business travel."

He says the survey asks what destinations that do not have nonstop service from Pittsburgh are important to your business; as well as, rating the quality of air service from Pittsburgh to various regions of the country.

Zapinski says the information they receive from the survey, which ends December 17, allows them to inform airlines on routes for which there may be a market.

Find the survey here

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