Friday, December 10, 2010

The Black and Gold Tries to Add Green This Sunday

Steelers fans parking in the six lots along General Robinson Street on the North Shore Sunday will be handed a big blue bag to hold all their recyclables. Steelers Spokesperson Dave Lockett says they have teamed up with the Pennsylvania Resources Council and the Alcoa Foundation to launch the program. Tailgaters will be asked to place their cans, bottles and plastic items in the bag and then either take them up to a collection point near the stadium or to hand them over to volunteers circulating through the lots. Lockett says the team is uncertain how much material will be gathered but he says he hopes it will be well received. Lockett says they will have a chance to talk to the fans as they are dropping off the recyclables. He says they will be asking fans to "get into the mind set of doing it beyond game day, adding it into other aspects of [their] life."

Alco Parking manages the lots and is responsible for cleaning them after every game. Managers there say they fill a standard residential garbage truck every week.

The Steelers plan to offer the blue bags for the two other remaining home games. Proceeds from the sale of the recyclable materials will be given to a different non-profit each week.

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