Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peaceful Protest to Protect Powdermill To Be Held at the Carnegie

The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History will be the site of protest this evening. A group of opponents to Marcellus Shale gas drilling will protest outside the museums' holiday event. The Carnegie is considering a proposal to allow gas pipelines from nearby gas wells to run through its Powdermill Nature Reserve.

According to Mel Packer, an organizer of today’s protest, Powdermill Nature Preserve, kept in near untouched condition for 60 years by the Carnegie Museum, would be at risk of pollution...

“Powdermill is a pristine nature preserve which, in the words of the Carnegie scientists, has one of the only unpolluted streams that they can do aquatic research in. To allow drilling around that site will inevitably poison that stream and absolutely spoil Powdermill.”

Pittsburgh City Council Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution urging the Carnegie not to cooperate with any natural gas extraction in or around the Powdermill Nature Reserve.

Museum spokeswoman Betsy Momich earlier said that the board of trustees is studying proposals.....and environmental impact "is at the top of the list of concerns" but revenue from drilling is a factor. The museum uses the nature reserve in Cook Township as a research field station where scientists study changes in the environment and wildlife populations.

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