Monday, January 10, 2011

New Help for Gambling Addicts

Gambling addicts and their families now have a new resource for support. The Pennsylvania Department of Health unveiled a new website designed to provide help to people struggling with compulsive gambling. The site includes resources such as information about local Gamblers' Anonymous meetings, a list of warning signs, frequently asked questions, and information for families.

Robin Rothermel, Director of the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs with the Department of Public Health, says the website is part of an effort to link services who provide help with those that need it. "We felt it was a good time, we had a fairly solid provider network in place. And it was a good time to put some more resources out there, making those resources known and available to individuals."

Rothermel says one of most helpful resources on the site is a ZIP code look-up feature where compulsive gamblers can search for assistance in their area.

Compulsive gamblers looking to stop can also add their names to the state's Self-Exclusion List. Once on the list gaming facilities in the state must deny a person of all gaming privileges and cannot issue them a player's club membership.

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