Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rendell Goes Off Over Gambling

Outgoing Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who is known for his angry outbursts at Capitol reporters in Harrisburg, explodes at CBS reporter Lesley Stahl in a segment recorded for tomorrow night's "60 Minutes." The subject of the piece is gambling and Stahl questions Rendell about gambling addicts......"People are losing money for the state to get its revenue," says Stahl.
Rendell responded..."Those people would lost that money anyway. Don't you understand? You guys don't get that. You're simpletons. You're idiots if you don't get that."
Earlier this week, the governor said gambling revenues reduced property taxes by an average of $200.
The governor told reporter Stahl that the benefits of casino gambling far outweigh the negatives and that the biggest downside is some people are losing their paychecks but "they're not losing their paychecks because Pennsylvania instituted gaming...those people were losing their paychecks in Atlantic City, in Delaware, at the racetracks or in West Virginia."

Rendell, who leaves office January 18, met with Capitol reporters including WDUQ's Scott Detrow and said he plans to teach, write a book, possibly practice law, and maybe be a news commentator.

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