Thursday, November 20, 2008

Former EPA Administrator Speaks in Pittsburgh

Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Christine Todd Whitman says she's optimistic about what an Obama administration will do for the environment. She says he's committed to regulating greenhouse gases, even during the economic slowdown. Whitman says the country has lacked a national policy on energy and the environment for more than a decade, and it's hindered some efforts to deal with global warming. For example, some businesses have been slow to accept sustainability principles because they have to navigate different regulations in every state. Whitman says some businesses are playing the waiting game to see which of those regulations become the national standard.

Still, she says businesses are embracing sustainability. Alcoa, for example, is working toward using only low-emission or zero-emission vehicles. Whitman says other businesses are beginning to see the potential for improving their image as well as saving money through smaller efforts like allowing employees to telecommute and the purchase of energy-saving lighting.

Whitman was the keynote speaker today at Duquesne University's Sustainable Business symposium.

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