Thursday, November 13, 2008

SEA Says MBE/WBE Numbers Are Up.

With more than half of the contracts already awarded for the construction of the new arena the Sports and Exhibition Authority says it will exceed goals set by the city for minority and women owned business participation. Of the 160-million in contracts awarded, 24% have gone to minority owned businesses and 6% were awarded to women owned businesses. Senior Diversity coordinator for the SEA Clarence Curry says he hopes that number will grow slightly as the remainder of the contracts is awarded. The city had asked for 18% minority and 7% women owned participation. The SEA had set a goal of 25% and 10%. Curry says those numbers are better than similar projects and better than the numbers for the two North Shore stadiums. Curry says they were able to get the higher numbers by working with contractors throughout the process and the board as it awarded the bids. He says the numbers for the amount of contracts to firms actually doing the work on the arena compared to suppliers is also better than it was for the stadiums.

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