Monday, November 24, 2008

Vital Traffic Ramp Opens

A vital ramp for area commuters has now opened to traffic. The ramp connects southbound I-79 to the outbound Parkway West. It used to be a hassle to get from one route to the other.

"If you wanted to go from the inbound Parkway West to northbound I-79 or from southbound 79 to the outbound Parkway West, you essentially had to take Steubenville Pike, which is Route 60, through a lot of traffic signals and winding roadways down to the Crafton interchange, get onto 79 and then take I-79 to the Parkway West," said Penn Dot Spokesperson Jim Struzzi. The ramp is a part of the $67.5 million "missing ramps" project. Another ramp that connects the inbound (eastbound) Parkway West to northbound I-79 will not open to traffic until Dec. 9.

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