Monday, November 10, 2008

Fourth Annual Report on Public School Progress

Community advocate A+ Schools has provided more data in the community report this year. This includes how students performed on the PSSA's according to race, income status and special education status. The expanded report also includes teacher attendance rates and graduation rates. A+ Schools Executive Director Carey Harris says the report shows improvements in elementary and middle school PSSA scores from four years ago. However, she says improvements are still needed in student behavior and racial disparity. For instance, schools with a higher percentage of white students also had a higher percentage of students whose GPA met eligibility requirements for a Pittsburgh Promise scholarships. Harris also reveals there is no correlation between good grades and high graduation rates, which she says people may think there would be a correlation between those two things.

A+ Schools is sending the report directing to city households with children enrolled in Pittsburgh Public Schools, and to those with children ages five and under.

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