Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Groups Get Funding to Get Out the Vote

Pennsylvania voters are expected to turn out in record numbers, fueled in part by some groups that have been calling, knocking on doors, and providing incentives for people to go out to the polls.

The group Pennsylvania VOICE has awarded more than $40,000 in grants for get-out-the-vote efforts. Just Harvest, an advocacy group for low-income residents in the Pittsburgh area, has operated a phone bank for about a month. Co-Director Joni Rabinowitz says her group began its "Just Vote" initiative to give low-income people more of a voice in politics. Just Harvest has helped to register new voters and distributed a newsletter with information on how the election process works.

The Mon Valley Providers Council has also made phone calls to remind people to vote. It has also distributed pledge cards to try to get voters to commit to showing up on Election Day. The organization is also providing a continental breakfast on Wednesday to anyone who voted.

Other groups that received get-out-the-vote funding include the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and Planned Parenthood Association of Pennsylvania.

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