Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tech Job Growth

A new report by The Technology Collaborative indicates net job growth in Pennsylvania's robotics and digital technology industries. David Ruppersberger, president of The Technology Collaborative (TTC) told DUQ News that in the fiscal year that ended June 30 early stage digital and robotics companies created 343 new jobs and lost 99 for a net gain of 244 new positions. Ruppersberger says the net growth was slightly ahead of the previous year but the 99 lost jobs were more than projected but considering the slowdown in the economy, "it shouldn't be a surprise." He says the Collaborative focuses on technology companies that make devices: advanced electronics, robotics (including robots used in sewers and in hospitals), cyber security and embedded systems.
Ruppersberger says projections for the current fiscal year are mixed with some companies cutting back and others "hiring aggressively." He says they also look at the creation of new digital technology companies in Pennsylvania and there were 8 new firms in the last fiscal year but the tight capital market could affect their sustainability and growth.

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