Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rendell Wants Healthcare Session.

Governor Ed Rendell wants state lawmakers to come back for a lame duck session to hash out a response to what he says is a critical healthcare problem in the state. The governor says two uninsured Pennsylvanians are dying every day because they don't have access to healthcare and he wants the state to do something about it. Leaders of the Senate Republican caucus have said in the past year they will not return for a post-election session. They say those so-called sine die session have been rife with political mischief. Rendell is asking that they reconsider saying they should come back, "With the assurance that we would limit the return to only healthcare issues." Senate Republican Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi says it's the wrong time for the state to enact a new healthcare program. "Now that the Democrats have a majority in the House, a Majority in the Senate, and the White House they are in a position to lay out what their proposals are with the problems we have nationally with the cost of healthcare and access to healthcare." Said Pileggi. In addition, Pileggi says it would be best to allow the 35 new members elected to the assembly last week to weigh in on the issue in January.

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