Thursday, November 13, 2008

Science Center Breaks Ground on New SportsWorks

The Carnegie Science Center has broken ground on its new SportsWorks facility. It will open next Labor Day weekend. Favorite exhibits like the bounce trampoline, climbing wall and human gyroscope orbitron will return. New exhibits will include a simulator that allows visitors to take a ride through the human body, a racetrack where people can compete against an Olympic sprinter, and an activity in which people can compare their heartbeat with those of other animals.

Ann Metzger is the Science Center's Acting Co-Director. She says the new SportsWorks will have more of a focus on health and fitness in addition to sports. Metzger says the Science Center decided a couple years ago that it wanted to help spark interest in sports medicine careers, since that's a developing sector in the local economy.

SportsWorks has been closed since August. Its former building was sold to the Port Authority for a new light rail station on the North Shore.

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