Tuesday, December 30, 2008

City Council Overrides Vetoes

Pittsburgh City Council has voted to override two line-item vetoes at their meeting this morning after Mayor Luke Ravenstahl submitted them late yesterday. The two budget items are to have a special lawyer for city legislators and to provide video of council meetings on the Internet. Ravenstahl’s message said these things would've cost more than $120,000 combined.

But City Council President Doug Shields says his submission was too late. The mayor had 10 days to either approve or reject the bills that were submitted to him. Shields says Ravenstahl received the bills on Dec. 19, and then sent the vetoes to council Dec. 29 at 4:32pm, two minutes after the Clerk’s Office closed. Shields says he was surprised by the mayor's last-minute action. Council voted 7 to 1 on each ruling, with Councilman Jim Motznik voting against each override.

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