Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jail Suicide Review

After an apparent suicide on Saturday, the warden of the Allegheny County Jail said he did not expect changes in policy or implement disciplinary measures against employees because of the death. Warden Ramon Rustin said everyone did what they were supposed to do. Dr. Shiva Lal Acharya, who was found hanged in his cell, was not on suicide watch because he did not have any suicidal symptoms, Rustin said. However, he was in a special needs cell, where he was still closely watched. Rustin said there is a difference between sectioned in a special needs cell and being suicidal. Suicidal inmates are more closely watched than those with special needs.

Rustin said he expects to see reports by the medical examiner's office and the county police shortly. He said if problems are shown in either report, they will further evaluate current policies and employee behavior.

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