Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pitt Opens Its Doors for Christmas Dinner

More than 700 people enjoyed a Christmas dinner at the University of Pittsburgh today courtesy of the Salvation Army. It's the third year Pitt has hosted the dinner for needy families, and the number of people served has more than doubled during that time. Pitt spokesman Steve Zupcic says he thinks it's a reflection of a greater need--he says he saw more people this year who were dressed better than you might expect of people who are struggling financially. But he says more people are also being served at Pitt because some hotels that once served Christmas dinner have stopped doing so.

The meal included turkey, ham, stuffing, corn, salads and desserts--including an ample helping of gingerbread supplied by one Pitt employee. About 100 Pitt workers volunteered, including Chancellor Mark Nordenberg.

Zupcic says universities often address social problems through research and scholarship. But he says he thinks employees were grateful for the opportunity to help their neighbors in a more immediate way.

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