Tuesday, December 30, 2008

City Council President Reacts To Budgetary Vetos

City Council President Doug Shields today reacted to the mayor's last-minute veto of two line items in the 2009 budget. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl nixed from the budget an amendment that would provide the Council with its own independent lawyer, and a $56,103 earmark that would make council meetings and other events available on the city's website.

Shields says he was surprised by the vetos, because he spoke with the mayor at a social event beforehand and asked if they "had a budget." Shields says Ravenstahl responded "yes." Shields says the way in which the mayor presented the vetos shows that he is not willing to work cooperatively with the Council.

The amendment to provide the Council with its own lawyer was passed by a preliminary vote by a count of 8-0. At least six votes are needed to override the veto.

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