Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missing Ramp not Missing Any More

Motorists driving from the airport to I-79 north no longer have to get off the highway. The last of the two so-called missing ramps connecting I-79 and the parkway west was opened to traffic this morning. The other “missing” ramp connecting southbound I-79 to the outbound Parkway West opened in late November. Penn DOT District Executive Dan Cessna says "Both ramps serve as vital transportation conduits that will benefit our region for many years to come." In the past drivers had to get off the highway and onto RT 60 to make the connection. The changes are expected to cut drive times fro that trip by 45%. At the same time it will take pressure off the heavily congested section of state highway by reducing traffic by about 20%. In addition to the ramp installation, extensive work is being done to Route 22/30 to add an additional lane in both directions. That portion of the $67.5 million project will continue into next year. The new curved bridge is equipped with an automated anti icing system that will spray de-icing material on the road automatically when dangerous weather conditions exist.

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