Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PA has "Smoking" Slot Machine Numbers Today

Today is the first day casinos across the state can ask the PA Department of Revenue for information comparing the activity at their smoking and non-smoking slot machines. 90 days ago a state law went into effect forcing casinos to allow smoking at just 25% of their machines. Meadows Casino spokesperson Dave Latorre says they will ask for the numbers because it is good business to have all the information at their disposal. He says it is unclear how long it will take to go through the statistics and he would not speculate what the numbers will show. Latorre says any statement now would be based on anecdotal information and he does not want to start down that path. He says this is too important of an issue to do that. If the report from the state shows the smoking machines are out performing the non-smoking machines then a casino can petition to be allowed to increase the number of machines in smoking areas. Marketers admit factors such as machine placement could have as big of an impact on use as a machine’s smoking status.

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