Friday, December 26, 2008

Latino Newspaper Launches in January

A new publication for Pittsburgh Latinos will launch soon. La Jornada Latina is already published in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Detroit. Newspapers in each city have 15-20% local content as well as other national and international stories.

Brian Wiles is co-owner of TSJ News, which publishes La Jornada Latina. He says they're aware that Pittsburgh has a relatively small Latino population. But he says it's growing. And he thinks the newspaper can help Latinos who are here connect with each other--through churches, businesses and other organizations. He has visited Pittsburgh several times in recent weeks to talk with local Latino leaders.

Pittsburgh's newspaper will be published monthly beginning January 23rd. Wiles says he anticipates it will become bi-weekly in a year. It will be free and distributed at around 150 sites throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Wiles says about 90% of the newspaper will be in Spanish, and 10% in English.

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