Friday, December 26, 2008

Contractors in Pa Must Register Soon

People who work on your house will have to be registered with the state starting in July thanks to a newly signed state law. The measure sponsored by state Senator Mike Stack would force plumbers, painters, electricians, carpenters and just about anyone signing contracts with home owners to register with the state. There is a $50 fee that must be paid every two years. Anyone doing less than $5,000 in work a year is exempt. The goal of the law is to ensure home owners that their contractors have the needed insurance and to give them peace of mind that they can be found if they do not finish the job. Stack says all of the registrants will be listed on a state maintained website where they must also include any criminal cases or licenses suspensions against them in any state. Any contract for more than signed by an unregistered contractor would be null if there is a dispute. The law also sets up a new criminal offense called “ home improvement fraud.”

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