Friday, July 31, 2009

Fort Pitt Museum to Receive Gift

The Friends of the Fort Pitt Museum will mark the end of a 40-year association with the museum by giving it a significant original work of art.

Donn Neil, President of Friends of the Fort Pitt Museum Commission, says it's a bittersweet occasion.

"It's sad that we're going to lose our association with the museum," he says. "Yet all of the contributions that we've made in the way of artifacts and documents are there, and we hope they remain there. And now this crowning gift of the wonderful John Buxton painting."

John Buxton, a local artist who has commissioned a historical painting at the Fort Pitt Museum before, is now going to work on a large dramatic piece on Fort Pitt and the American Revolution. Neil says it should be completed in about five years, just in time for the 250th anniversary of the historic event.

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