Monday, July 27, 2009

Patrick Dowd Wants $1 Million In Debt From Iron City Brewing

Pittsburgh City Councilman and Water and Sewer Authority Board Member Patrick Dowd has put forth a resolution calling on Iron City Brewing to pay $1 Million in debt to the authority. Iron City Brewing had an agreement with the PWSA that would have eliminated the payments owed to the authority but Dowd says they have not fulfilled their part of the deal.

Stipulations in the agreement called on Iron City Brewing to update its keg line, keep jobs in Pittsburgh and improve its heating system. Dowd says that when they moved to Latrobe they violated the agreement and he doesn't believe that they have upgraded their keg line to standards that are acceptable.

Dowd says that before he can collect the money owed to the authority he hopes to gain the support of the Mayor and the other members of the PWSA board.

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