Thursday, July 30, 2009

Signs, Ads, Web. Bayer Helps Promote Region

Bayer Corp says it will do its part to help promote the region during the G20 summit in several ways. Bayer has already committed $35,000 to the Allegheny Conference to help build a good image of the city but it is also launching the website that will serve as a source of information for international media on the region and its businesses. Company spokesperson Bryan Iams says as the media contact for a German Company with its US headquarters in the Pittsburgh region, he is already fielding calls from international media. He says they want to know how long Bayer has been in Pittsburgh, why it calls Pittsburgh home and what he sees in Pittsburgh’s future. He says he is always proud to tout the region’s great universities, strong work ethic, low cost of living and high quality of life. Bayer will also be the first to display a welcome to Pittsburgh sign being designed by the Allegheny Conference. It will be placed near Bayer’s 150-foot sign along the parkway west and will be of a similar scale. The Allegheny Conference is still determining the message the sign will carry and its design. The design will eventually be made available free of charge to any company that wants to display it but those companies will have to print and erect the signs at their own expense. Iams says Bayer will also have a special G20 ad at the Airport and special messages on the company's Mt. Washington sign.

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