Monday, July 27, 2009

Public Hearing On Development Policies Held In City Council

Pittsburgh City Council today held a public hearing regarding city development policies. Speakers at the hearing spoke in favor of community benefit agreements for publicly subsidized developments. At the heart of the issue is the construction of a hotel in the North Shore by Continental Real Estate which purchased the property between PNC Park and Heinz Field for less than market value and is not working with the North Side to create a community benefits agreement.

Those in attendance spoke of the need for legislation that requires all publicly subsidized development projects to require CBA's. The Mayors administration has said that the CBA forged with the Hill District during negotiations for the new hockey arena was an isolated case and would drive developers away if it were to become a requirement.

Supporters of a CBA said that it is only fair for a developer to give back to the community that it is in.

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