Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Call for More Debates

Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak continues to hammer Senator Arlen Specter for only agreeing to one debate before the May 18th Democratic Senate primary.
Sestak’s campaign has proposed debate after debate with Specter, but the incumbent keeps turning down requests.
The two will meet in Philadelphia on May 1st, but that’s not enough for Sestak.

"And if there was one media market in Pennsylvania, I think I could understand. But there are differences of what happens to Lake Erie, as opposed to what happens in Philadelphia. As opposed to where the Marcellus Shale might be, and what it means if it’s not done well. For those whose water might be contaminated."

Specter recently told the Erie Times more debates would just provide free publicity to Sestak, who’s trailing in every recent poll.
The Delaware County Congressman says that comment reveals Specter feels entitled to the seat he’s held for three decades.
Specter’s campaign has maintained the Republican-turned-Democrat traditionally holds just one debate during primary campaigns.

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