Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More City-Owned Surveillance Cameras

A resolution in Pittsburgh City Council is going to extend funding to install additional surveillance cameras throughout the city. This money will be coming from a federal Homeland Security grant, along with a Port Security Project grant. City Information Systems Project Manager Gwendolyn Moorer says there are currently 24 operating cameras installed in the city, spread through downtown, the North Shore, and on a couple river rescue boats.
She says they are expecting approval this week to place camera equipment on top of the USX building; they've been trying to make an an agreement with the property owners for nearly two years. With that, they will look to obtain permits to place cameras on top of bridges so they can align relay equipment with the cameras on top of the USX building.
Moorer says the USX and bridge cameras are supposed to be installed and running by June 30, according to the original plan. However, because of weather and approval delays, she has requested for an extention to set the date to December 30.

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