Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rohrer: Cut Costs Elsewhere to Fund Transportation

Republican gubernatorial candidate Sam Rohrer says Pennsylvania is facing a 450-million dollar transportation funding gap due to "reprehensible financial irresponsibility."
For the past few years, the Turnpike has borrowed against anticipated I-80 tolling revenue.
Tolling dollars are also built into next year's transportation budget.
Rohrer, a Berks County representative, says banking on the proposal before it was approved was awful planning.
He says it's indicative of Governor Rendell's approach to budgeting, noting anticipated federal dollars in next year's spending plan.

"He's recommending a billion dollars more, for 29 billion, but banking on 800 million dollars coming from the federal government, from a program that has not yet been debated by Congress, that won't even be covered until the fall. But he says you can count on it, because it will be here."

Rendell has called for a special legislative session to find new transportation revenue. Rohrer says lawmakers need to reassess the state's transportation needs and cut spending from other line items before they consider raising taxes.
He says getting rid of prevailing wage mandates on transportation projects is one way to save money.

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