Thursday, April 22, 2010

Duquesne To Open Pharmacy in Hill District

The Mylan School of Pharmacy expects to open a much-needed community pharmacy in the Triangle Shops Plaza on Centre Avenue in The Hill District later this year.

Douglas Bricker, Dean of pharmacy school said the pharmacy won't just dispense drugs - it will be a place where residents can ask questions about their health care, get tested for illnesses such as hypertension and attend educational classes. He says it will represent the changing face of pharmaceutical care.

Carl Redwood, Director of The Hill District Consensus Group said the development will build upon what already exists in the community and will provide a service that is much needed."It will add to our strategic community and economic development efforts aimed at revitalizing the area," he said.

The pharmacy will employ professors and licensed pharmacists who will oversee the students. Rotations at the pharmacy will provide a good training ground for the students.

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