Tuesday, April 20, 2010

European Flight Delays Affecting Pittsburghers

Airports around Europe are struggling to come back to pace, after a volcanic ash cloud has impaired conditions for the past five days. It’s affecting fliers in Pittsburgh, too.
“Our research indicates that there are over 400 people daily [from Pittsburgh] that cross the Atlantic that fly into Europe and points beyond,” says JoAnn Jenny, an Allegheny County Airport Authority Spokeswoman.
Jenny says a flight from Paris to Pittsburgh has been canceled today, and a flight from Pittsburgh to Paris is still marked “on time”.
However, she advises those who have scheduled European flights to check their respective carrier’s web site in case of last minute delays and cancellations.
She adds that this may be far from over; while the clearing of one volcanic ash cloud has allowed for some planes to take flight in Europe, there is another ash cloud developing.

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