Thursday, April 29, 2010

Library to Hold Budget Workshops

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh wants to discuss its finances with community members.

Spokeswoman Suzanne Thinnes says a 6-month series of workshops will begin May 15.

“This is a way for the community to help us understand how they use library services and what their needs and priorities are,” says Thinnes.

“At the same time, the public will have the opportunity to learn about the constraints of the limited public funding that we’re finding for the Library’s services.”

In 2009, the Library predicted a $5 million deficit by 2014, prompting Library Board members to announce service cuts and closures. Local officials called for a review of its financial practices in response to public outcry. The audit concluded that the Library had acted reasonably and simply needs further funding.

Thinnes says a public-private task force of citizens and elected officials is looking for funding sources. She says the Library's website also highlights events in Pennsylvania government that impact the Library’s finances, like table games revenue and the proposed state budget.

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