Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pittsburgh to Host Radical Reels Tour

If you feel as if your life lacks thrills and action, you can live vicariously through the action films presented by at the Radical Reels Tour. Hosted by Venture Outdoors, the event showcases some of the top action films selected from the Banff Film Festival. The movies will be shown at the Byham Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh at 7:30 p.m. Monday.. In the tour’s first stop in Pittsburgh, event organizer Seth Gernot expects the city to enjoy a wild night of adrenaline-packed videos.

”So far we’ve got a few hundred folks that have already purchased tickets,” Gernot says. “We’re looking forward to a really wild ride for the night.”

Gernot says the city of Pittsburgh is the perfect fit for this type of festival as he has heard residents in the past say that Pittsburgh is an adrenaline town that loves to see fast films. Gernot says the films include the "steepest skiing and snowboarding, incredible downhill mountain biking, and people jumping out of airplanes.

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