Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AIA Seeks Public Input for Route 51 Plans

Municipal planners and community leaders are looking for public input to determine the future for the blighted Route 51 corridor in the South Hills. The public session is this evening at 7 at Baldwin-Whitehall High School. Ruthann Omer is president of Gateway Engineers and serves as municipal engineer to several communities. Omer says the American Institute of Architects is studying the area and using the public input will produce a plan promoting sustainability and attracting residential and commercial development along the route.

Omer says the community knows the area and its needs best.

“I think we’re going to hear a wide range of problems and hopefully some suggestions, too, because those who live there often have some great ideas.” Omer says each municipality has its own concerns to promote the uniqueness of each community among other things.”

We’re going to be looking at transportation issues, hydrology, or flooding issues, economic development, sustainability and make it green, we want it all,” Omer says.

Omer says the plan could result in common zoning rules and development standards, and it will help the region when seeking public grants to pay for road work, landscaping, and flood control.

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