Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Corbett: Look at Economic Challenges as Opportunities

Republican Tom Corbett carried all but four counties, defeating Democrat Dan Onorato by nine points (54.5% to 45.5%) last night to become the next governor of Pennsylvania.
Corbett celebrated his victory, but looked ahead to the tough challenges next year, including a likely multi-billion dollar deficit...

"The challenges that Pennsylvania faces – with our economy, with our budget, with the pensions. But we have to look at those challenges as opportunities. Let’s take this from the positive perspectives. We have the opportunity to bring fiscal discipline to Pennsylvania. To bring limited government and to bring free enterprise to Pennsylvania."

Corbett said he would govern responsibly....

"And we will make those decisions regardless of the political consequences. We are not going to look at what gets us reelected. We are going to look at what’s in the best interests – not only for the people of Pennsylvania, but particularly for the children."

Corbett says he’ll meet with Governor Ed Rendell and lawmakers over the coming days.
One of his first appointments will be a new budget secretary.

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