Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For Some, Election Day Means Fundraiser

All across the nation people are headed to the polls today and in Pennsylvania many of them are being greeted outside their polling places with friendly smiles from groups trying to raise a few dollars through bake sales, hoagie sales, and in at least one polling place, a soup sale. The Women’s group at Northmont Church in McCandless had a table full of soups ready to be taken home for an election night dinner. The group’s moderator Mary Lou English says they have a wide variety of soups for the voters including US Senate Bean Soup. “Turn out has been good,” says English, “we’ve had a lot of men who are dressed to go to work and they don’t buy a lot of soup but then the women are starting to come in and they buy a lot of soup.” English says they only put out their wares when they think there is going to be a good turn out. “If it’s a presidential election we usually have a soup and bake sale,” says English. And English says the table of treats is always well received, “if we don’t have the bake sale part they will ask about it.” All of the money raised goes to the group’s mission efforts.

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