Monday, November 1, 2010

Hanover Solar Farm Would Be PA's Largest

Snack food maker Snyder’s of Hanover is set to begin construction of the state’s largest solar energy system.

Snyder’s of Hanover spokeswoman Andrea Bartman says the farm will reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 230 million pounds over 25 years.

Snyder’s expects all 16,000 solar panels to be installed in March or April of 2011. Bartman says the company hired only Pennsylvania contractors for this project.

“Hopefully in the next week, we will have a live camera up on the roof of our corporate building, and you will be able to watch the construction process. It will update every 15 minutes and then at the end of the project, when it’s completed, you will be able to see a time lapse video of the entire construction phase.”

Bartman says Snyder’s will also fence in the 26-acre farm, and landscape the hillside. She says the farm will stand directly across the street from Snyder’s headquarters in Hanover.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar recently announced the construction of a 7,000-acre solar farm in the Mojave Desert of California. That farm would be the largest in the country, and would generate more than double the nation’s current solar energy production.

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