Monday, November 1, 2010

PA House Control Could Flip

All 203 state House seats are on the ballot in Pennsylvania tomorrow. Republicans are feeling increasingly confident they’ll be able to wrest control of the chamber from Democrats.
Democrats currently hold a slim 104-98 advantage over Republicans, with one former GOP seat currently vacant.
Republicans need to gain a net of three seats to win control of the chamber, which Democrats have held since the 2006 election.
Privately, top Republican lawmakers are talking about holding 106 seats on Wednesday morning.
State party chairman Rob Gleason says the GOP is running an aggressive campaign.

"We are focusing on 30 to 40 House races. And usually by this time in the election cycle it’s only 5 or 10. So that tells me a couple things: 1 is, we have some great candidates. 2, we have enough money. And 3, a lot of people think we have a chance to win."

Democrats aren’t backing down, though. Democratic Chair Jim Burn says his party will do better than expected, and keep control of the majority it’s held since 2007.

"And what we have been hearing as we’ve been out campaigning is a lot of enthusiasm for our Democratic candidates – incumbents and challengers."

Burns says they will buck the national pro-Republican trend, and points to the fact the House Democratic Campaign Committee has raised 1.3 million dollars more than its Republican counterpart this year.
35 incumbent Democrats are running unopposed, compared to 42 Republicans.

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